Residential Property

Making your next move

Whether you are buying, selling or re-mortgaging your home, we have qualified and experienced conveyancers at each of our offices to guide you through the process.

Let our team look after the paperwork so you can concentrate on your move.

Use our conveyancing calculator to get a quick conveyancing quote or contact us for more details.

We have good relationships with local estate agents and work seamlessly with them to ensure you receive the best service. As a Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS) accredited firm, you can be assured you’ll receive a quality service. CQS recognises the high standard of service and client care we provide.

Intellectual property and IT

Keeping you informed

You will have a dedicated conveyancer from the start of your transaction to its conclusion. They will be on hand to answer any questions you may have and to keep you up-to-date with progress. You decide how you want us to communicate with you – we can use emails, telephone calls, letters or have face-to-face meetings.

Your purchase

We will guide you through the purchase of your property by:

  • Sending you a plan of the property at the start of the purchase so that you can check the boundaries before we carry out searches
  • Explaining the contract and title documents to you in writing
  • Providing you with a written report on the searches that we carry out
  • Advising you in writing on what your mortgage offer means
  • Co-ordinating with you, the sellers’ solicitor and the estate agents to agree a completion date
  • Providing you with a detailed breakdown of the monies we will need from you in order to complete your purchase
  • Sending you a copy of your title to the property once it has been registered with you as the new owner.

Your sale

We will help you with the sale of your property by:

  • Asking you to complete information forms for the buyer at the start of the sale
  • Discussing with you any enquiries raised by the buyers solicitor
  • Providing you with a detailed breakdown of the monies we will need to pay on your behalf in order to complete your sale. For example money due to your lender to pay off any mortgage on the property
  • Co-ordinating with you, the buyers’ solicitor and the estate agents to agree completion date
  • Sending any monies due to you on the completion date.

How long will it take?

How long it will take from an offer being accepted to the actual move will depend on various factors. On average it takes between 6 to 12 weeks. It can be quicker or slower, depending on the complexity of the legal work required, people in the chain and their circumstances.

Your remortgage

If you are remortgaging your property we can help by:

  • Providing you with a written report on what your new mortgage offer means and finding out from your existing lender how much will need to be repaid to them
  • Co-ordinating with you about the best date to complete your remortgage
  • Sending any monies due to you on the day of completion
  • Sending you a copy of your title to the property once your new mortgage has been registered by us

Transfer of property

From time to time you may need to transfer property for other reasons such as for tax planning purposes, on separation or after a death.

Call one of our conveyancers to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Pricing – our philosophy

We believe that it is important that our clients should have the certainty of clear and fixed conveyancing fees.

Our practical experience over the last 20 years has shown that we can reasonably predict what work is involved in the vast majority of conveyancing cases meaning that we can offer a fixed fee service.

In a minority of cases, we have found that there can be circumstances that arise that we couldn’t have foreseen or been able to quote for at the start of your matter (such as the amount of land registry fees in certain cases). These circumstances may require us to carry out more work than is usually required in the majority of conveyancing work. If this is the case we will let you know as soon as possible and update you on the additional costs.

Our quotes include a complete breakdown of the cost of your conveyancing, including all our fees and the various fees that may need to be paid to third parties (which are called disbursements).

For your fixed fee quote please enter your details on our online calculator or call one of our offices.

What is included in our fixed fee proposition?

At the outset of your instructions, we will provide you with a client care letter that clearly sets out what work falls within the scope of your instructions.

As we appreciate you are not conveyancing specialists, we prefer to give you the peace of mind that we will deal with everything related to the legal aspects of your property transaction, unless we say it is excluded from the scope of our work.

Advice that is excluded from our conveyancing fixed fee include the following non-standard work:

  • Any advice or preparation for a Declaration of Trust or Cohabitation Agreement
  • Any tax planning advice that may be linked to your property transaction
  • Any dispute resolution work arising out of your property transaction. We can offer these services to you but there will be an additional fee for them.

What else should you think about when buying or selling a property?

Moving home is a good time to think about making a will or reviewing it if you already have one. A house is often the largest purchase you will ever make so make sure that you consider what you want to happen to it in the event of your death.

To find out more about making a will, visit our Wills, Trusts & Estates page.

Agricultural Property

On our team we also have solicitors who are qualified and experienced in agricultural property. Farming is full of challenges so when you need legal advice you need to make sure you are getting it from someone who understands the complexities involved.

Whether you are a farm owner or a tenant farmer, need help securing your farming future or resolving a land dispute, we can help with:.

  • Disputes
  • Tenancies
  • Mineral rights
  • Sporting rights