Our Legal Team

Andy Baugh

IT Manager

07701 388065


Specialist areas:

  • Passionate about IT
  • IT & Innovation
  • Strategic planning
  • IT Management, Support & Projects


About me:

As IT Manager I am responsible for the full management and ownership of all aspects and areas of IT within the business. My role is to ensure that the computer systems and infrastructure used in the business are secure, fit for purpose and can be relied on to support the day to day functions of the business. Thus enabling the business to provide the best possible service to our customers.
I am also responsible for delivering all key IT projects, along with the management of the technical estate for all office locations, and the IT team.
My experience and knowledge of the latest key technologies and innovation in IT will be utilised to develop and lead the ongoing strategy for the company’s IT technical estate.
I have worked in IT for over 32 years with a range of businesses and have fulfilled roles such as IT Operations and Support, Systems Developer/Programmer, IT Manager and Digital Projects Manager.
I am a strong believer in continual professional development. Ensuring that skills, knowledge and experience are kept up-to-date is vitally important in all careers, and particularly so in IT

My top tip:

Change is good
Don’t be frightened to challenge the way things are done whenever and wherever you can – in everything you do. Don’t just accept things for the way they are or have always been. Continuous improvement is about constantly looking at and challenging the way we do things. Is there a better, quicker, easier more cost effective way? Even small changes can make a real difference.