Top tips to get the best from your family lawyer

You’ve decided that you need the help of a family lawyer so how do you get the best from them?

Top tip #1 – Communication

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions
  • If you don’t understand what your family lawyer is telling you then ask them for clarification
  • Listen to their advice – it may not be what you want to hear but your lawyer’s aim is to help you get the best outcome in all circumstances, some of which may be beyond your control
  • Keep your lawyer up to date – changes in your personal circumstances can have a big impact on your case

Top tip #2 – Be truthful

  • Your family lawyer can only help you get the best outcome if they fully understand what is going on
  • Don’t hold back information or documents even if you think they don’t help your case – the information will usually come out in the end and won’t put you in a good light

Top tip #3 – Be organised

  • Your lawyer will need you to provide them with lots of information and documents, particularly if you are trying to sort a financial settlement with your ex
  • If your family lawyer has to keep chasing you for this then it will delay your case and increase the amount of your legal costs

Top tip #4 – Be realistic

  • Your family lawyer will advise you the merits of your case – both the good and the bad parts
  • Your lawyer can’t wave a magic wand to get you what you want
  • The outcome of the case will depend on what agreement can be reached with your ex or what decision a judge makes
  • Being unrealistic will increase the time that your case takes to sort out and increase the amount of your legal costs

Top tip #5 – Be patient

  • Don’t underestimate the time that it will take to sort things out
  • This might depend on the speed at which your ex wants to sort things out
  • If the Court is involved in having to make a decision then it is likely to take many months and in many cases the Court process can take over 6 to 12 months

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