Donation to The Christie charity

Once a year we make a donation to The Christie from dormant funds, this usually happens in May time.

However, we have just had authority from the SRA to make a one off donation to them this month, a sum of £9809.23. This comes from a historical Hague Lambert matter dating back to 1996 and despite all the best efforts over the years it hasn’t been possible track who was entitled to it. We  work very hard to find clients to return the money to, this includes searching the internet and contacting the Department of Work and Pensions. But when we still can’t find the clients, Chafes Hague Lambert make an application to the Solicitors Regulation Authority to release the money to charity.

We have asked that this one off donation is used towards The Christies Bloods Closer to Home service. This service allows cancer patients to have the crucial blood tests, prior to each treatment session, done closer to home so they don’t have to endure more travel to the Christie Centres than needed.

The funding of these centres for one year is £22,160 so our donation will effectively fund a clinic for six months, which would be a huge help.

Anna from The Christie charity said ‘Thank you so much for thinking of us, we are truly grateful’.

The Christie charity exists to raise funds and receive donations for the benefit of The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, so they can be offered access to leading treatments, outstanding care and the opportunity for the best outcomes.