Dormant funds donation to The Christie

2018 has seen Chafes Hague Lambert Solicitors donate an amazing £46,872.41 of dormant funds to The Christie Charitable Fund. A valuable contribution to the £15.4 million they raised in 2017/18, as recently reported in their annual Impact Report, in which Chafes Hague Lambert received a special thankyou from the team at The Christie.

The donations made up from the dormant funds help to fund vital advancements in the fight against cancer such as the delivery of an MR-guided linear accelerator, one of only seven in the world. This will enable The Christie to deliver more targeted and personalised radiotherapy for patients.

The dormant funds are made up from a variety of reasons, a couple of examples are; it could be that the amount is too small or the client doesn’t cash a refund cheque.

We do of course work very hard to find clients to return the money to, this included searching the internet and contacting the Department of Work and Pensions. But when we still can’t find the clients, Chafes Hague Lambert made an application to the Solicitors Regulation Authority to release the money to charity.

Practice Manager Caroline Calverley said, “We explore every possible way of ensuring the money is given to the rightful owners but when our leads are exhausted, with the approval of the SRA we are delighted to give this money to The Christie. We have been donating these funds since 2012 and have now donated over £78,000. It is always an honour to support such a worthwhile charity and we are always delighted to do this for The Christie because so many of our employees’ lives have been touched by their amazing effort and support”.

Danielle Carney of The Christie, said: “We are grateful that Chafes Hague Lambert continue to pursue the option of donating these dormant funds to The Christie. These types of donations enable us to carry out vital, innovative, exciting new work which directly benefits people affected by cancer, their families, our staff and the local community”.

The Christie charity exists to raise funds and receive donations for the benefit of The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, so they can be offered access to leading treatments, outstanding care and the opportunity for the best outcomes.

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