Business Bulletin

Buyers beware

When buying a company, it’s normal for share purchase agreements to include restrictive covenants on the sellers which prohibit them from competing with the company and soliciting its customers or employees for a set period of time. A breach of these covenants could result in a claim for damages for breach of contract or possibly […]

Spotlight on Craig O’Hara

Craig is a partner and Head of the Dispute Resolution Department. He’s been with Chafes Hague Lambert for 11 years now and says his most rewarding moment so far has been defending some company directors against a £4.5 million claim for breaches of guarantees and indemnities and negotiating this down to a £400,000 settlement in […]

Are you sure you want to break up?

If you’re thinking of terminating your commercial lease early you need to be aware of the practical issues surrounding break clauses. A break clause in a fixed-term lease allows the tenant or landlord (or sometimes both) to terminate the lease early. It may be exercised on a specific date or on a rolling basis and […]

Can you agree to settle?

Employment relations terminate for a multitude of reasons. Some are involuntary such as compulsory redundancy, misconduct, poor performance or where an employee feels they have no option but to resign due to the treatment they have received. Others are more amicable such as voluntary redundancy. Whatever the reason, a termination of employment can bring the […]

When a deal is too good to be true

One consequence of the economic downturn is an increase in the number of misrepresentation claims. These are claims involving false statements made to induce a party into entering into a contract and usually involve a salesman who has gone beyond mere ‘sales puff’ in his desperation to get the deal done. If you find yourself […]

Do you need employment law support?

Running a business can be tough, especially when faced with unexpected employment law problems. In times of need, do you have someone to turn to for help? We’re offering a brand new employment law service that doesn’t charge you a monthly fee or tie you into a contract. There’s no catch. You just pay for […]

When can I end an unwritten contract?

We’re often asked by clients when they can terminate long term trading arrangements where there is no written contract or the written contract was for a fixed duration and has expired. The general rule is that in these circumstances, the arrangement can be terminated by either party giving “reasonable” notice to the other. What is […]

Spotlight on Mike Travis

Mike Travis is a partner and Head of the Commercial Property department. Mike has been with Chafes Hague Lambert for 29 years and says his most memorable moment with Chafes Hague Lambert so far was spending the night in a hotel with a client. It’s not quite as it sounds though. Prior to her death […]

Why you need a social media policy

By Alison Close Thanks to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, your employees are communicating with the outside world on a regular basis. But do you know what they’re saying and is it good for your business? Many employers use networking sites to market and actively encourage employees to join sites such as LinkedIn. Whilst this is […]

Can a director be held personally liable for the debts of a company?

By Craig O’Hara Generally the answer is no, however, there are well known circumstances where directors can be held personally liable for the debts of the company if there has been fraudulent or wrongful trading under the Insolvency Act 1986. The problem with claims for fraudulent and wrongful trading is that they can only be […]