Quickie Divorce

It seems that when celebrity divorces are mentioned in the media, such as Ant McPartlin’s, then it’s always referred to as a quickie divorce.

This might suggest that for the rich and famous they can have instant access to a divorce.

However the reality is that it was only the Decree Nisi that was officially pronounced in a flash the other day.

Behind the scenes will have been a process that will have taken weeks if not months involving an agreement between the celebrity couples’ solicitors about who should start the divorce and what the grounds were going to be.

Then you have the court’s input to process the divorce papers and send them out to the Respondent who then has to fill in an acknowledgement of service form.

It’s at that point that the person starting the divorce applies for Decree Nisi which then has to be considered by a legal advisor. If they are happy with the paperwork submitted then they will certify that the person is entitled to a divorce and sets the date for the Decree Nisi to be pronounced.

It’s the day of the Decree Nisi that is a mere formality – blink and you could miss it.

The divorce isn’t final at that stage and there’s the waiting for the 6 weeks and a day before you can apply for the final Decree Absolute. It’s only at that point that you are officially divorced.

So in reality the process isn’t that quick so there isn’t such a thing as a quickie divorce.

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