Living together, busting the myths

This week has seen #CohabitationAwarenessWeek, a campaign by Resolution designed to highlight the difference in the legal rights of couples who are just living together and aren’t married.

As the week of campaigning draws to a close, hopefully the myth of the ‘common law’ spouse has been busted and there is an awareness of how few rights people who are living together often have.

We’ve heard about the differences in the way that finances are dealt with on separation for unmarried couples and the hardship that this can cause even after  very long relationships.

We’ve also seen how inheritance rights can be affected if you are not married.

Arrangements can be put into place to give couples more security and peace of mind but its a question of knowing your rights in the first place so you know what can be done.

Whether you are living together and are looking for a Cohabitation Agreement, advice on how to own your home or you want to make a Will more information can be found on our Leaflets and factsheets page.

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